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At Universidad Motolinia we make use of Blackboard to accomplish and develop online courses .
Blackboard is a useful tool for students and teachers to improve their online learning and teaching skills through features such as assessments, discussions, activities, links, courses and lessons designed to cover learning needs and following the official teaching programs of SEP and UNAM.
It is an easy –to-use tool that allows students and teachers to communicate in effective ways developing an e-learning environment with many multimedia resources that can be used on computer
and mobile devices.

We make use of Zoom to take the online classes. This platform is available for all devices and allows the development of courses synchronously. It offers the
optimal resources for teachers to really engage with their teaching and learning materials at a distance, with accurate security and privacy settings needed for the current context.

We have licensed accounts for all sections and groups, therefore; all classes are held without interruptions.
Participants can join the session from any device; it is an easy–to–use platform with many multimedia resources that alike to replicate the classroom experience.

Servoescolar is an integral and specialized platform for administrative and academic control used in our institution. It is an easy–to–use platform available on computers and mobile devices.
The platform allows parents to be informed about administrative matters and the academic performance of the student, as well as receive messages and maintain direct communication with teachers and directors.